Bose Personal Music Center III

Bose® Lifestyle® 135

The most advanced Lifestyle® expansion remote from Bose gives you access and control of your Lifestyle® home entertainment system from additional locations around your home-even outdoors.

You can control any component connected to the Lifestyle® system media console, such as your Blu-ray player, DVR and more. Plus, you’ll have access to your iPod playlists, showing title, track, artist and genre of any song from your music collection. The backlit screen and layered menus make it easy to quickly see system info.

The Personal® music center III works with the latest 5.1, 2.1 and 1.1-channel Lifestyle® systems. These include the Lifestyle® V35, V25, 235 and 135 home theater systems. This versatile universal remote also comes with two AA batteries.

Bose Personal Music Center III

Features Bose Personal Music Center III

  • Radio frequency remote controls any device connected to your Lifestyle® system and provides system information outside the main room
  • Use with Bose® link-compatible products to expand sound from your Lifestyle® system to another room or outdoors
  • Includes “Party” feature, which links all connected expansion products to the source playing on your Lifestyle® system.
  • Backlit LCD screen with layered menu display for quick access to relevant system info
  • Works through most walls, floors and ceilings
Overall Rating: Rating=4.5
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Sale Price: $ 128.99

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Bose Personal Music Center III

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