Brand New 30ft 30 Ft Gold Plated HDMI Cable for DVD LCD Plasma TV HDTV – Black

Insignia 570w

Our optimized high performance quality HDMI to HDMI High Speed cable is suitable for hi-def HDTV video & audio signals for home theater applications and professional home theater installations. All of our cables are made for home theater in mind using the highest quality cabling, jacket materials and gold plating for better connectivity, longevity and signal strength. Every Optimized Cable is compatible with all HDTV formats including 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p Features: Gold-Plated Connectors and Molded Strain-Relief. Cable Constructed with High Quality Material For Best Contact Connection. Excellent Audio-Visual Transfer Properties Signals. Gold-Plated Connectors For Highest Signal Transfer Rate & Resistance In Corrosion. Molded Strain-Relief Design Lessens Plug Socket Pressure. Designed To Meet All HDMI Standards Specifications: Fully Compatible with all 1.3 Specification. Supports 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p Resolution. Length: 30 ft

Brand New 30ft 30 Ft Gold Plated HDMI Cable for DVD LCD Plasma TV HDTV - Black

Features Brand New 30ft 30 Ft Gold Plated HDMI Cable for DVD LCD Plasma TV HDTV – Black

  • Compatible with: Element ELCHS192 FLW-1920B ELCPO191 FLW-1921B 26LE30Q ELCHS261 ELCHS262 40LE45Q 40LE45S ELCHS372 ELCPO371 ELCHS371 32LE30Q ELCPO321 ELCHS321 ELCHS322 42LE45Q 19LE30Q, JVC LT-42PM30 LT-42WX70 LT-42P300 LT-42J300 LT-46J300 LT-46P300 LT-32P300 LT-32J300 LT-32D200 LT-32A200
  • Compatible with: Vizio SV472XVT M470NV XVT472SV E470VA E321VA E321VL E320ME E320VP E3D470VX E472VL E321MV E320VA M320NV VOJ320M M470VT XVT3D650SV E322VL E321ME M320VT E3D320VX XVT323SV VA320E E370VL E370VP E370VT E371VA E322MV E320VL M370NV XVT3D424SV XVT423SV M420SR XVT373SV E370VA E421VO M421VT E420VT E422VA M370VT E371VL M3D420SR M420SV E420VO E421VA M3D421SR E420VA M420NV SV422XVT E3D420VX E420VL E421VL M421NV XVT3D554SV XVT553SV E550VL VF552XVT E422VL M420VT M3D550SR E551VL E550VA E552VL M3D460SR E551VA E190VA E220MV E220VA M221NV VF550XVT M550NV VO400E M261VP M260MV M260VP M550SV M190VA-W M260VA-W E260MV M260VA E260VA M220NV M220VA-W VM230XVT M160MV M470SV XVT3D474SV XVT473SV E470VL, Samsung LN19C450 LN26C450 UN26C4000 UN22D5000 UN22D5003 LN22C350 LN22C450 LN32C450 LN32C530 LN32C550 UN19D4000 UN32D5500 UN32D6000 LN32D550 LN32D430 UN32D4010 UN22D5010 UN32D4003 LN32D450 LN32D403 UN32B6000 UN32C4000 LN32D405 UN32C6500 LN32B650 UN32D4000 LN37C530 LN37C550 UN32D4005 UN40C5000 UN40D5005 UN40D5500 UN40D5550 UN40D6000 UN32C5000 LN40B650 UN40D6400 LN40A330 UN40C6400 UN40C7000 LN37B650 UN40D6420 UN40D6500 LN40B500 UN40C6300 UN40C6500 UN40B7000 UN40D6050 UN40B6000 LN40C530 LN40C650 LN40C630 UN40D6300 UN40D6450 PN42C430 PN42C450 UN46B8000 UN46C6500 UN40D5003 LN46D550 LN40C550 UN46D7000 UN46D7050 UN46D5500 UN46D6050 UN46D6900 UN46C6800 UN46B8500 LN46B650 UN46D8000 LN46B500 UN46B7100 UN46D6000 UN46C5000 UN46C6400 UN46D6420 UN46D6450 UN46D6500 UN46D7900 LN46D630 LN46D610 PN50C7000 PN50C8000 PN50B450 UN46B7000 PN50C450 PN50C590 PN50B430 UN65D8000 PN63C8000 UN46B6000 LN52B750 PN58C590 PN58C550 UN27D5000NF UN60D6000 PN50C550 UN60D6400 UN60D7000 UN55B8000 UN55D6900 UN55D7000 PN63B550 UN55D7900 LN55B650 UN55B8500 UN55B7000 LN55C650 UN60D6500 UN55D6420 UN55D6500 UN55D8000 UN55D6050 UN55D6300 UN55D7050 UN55D6400 UN55D6450 UN55B7100 UN55B6000 UN55C5000 UN55C7000 UN55C6300 UN55C6400 UN55C6500 UN55D6000 PN51D8000 LN55C630 LN19B360 LN19B361 UN19D4003 UN19D4010 LN19C350 LN19A450
  • Compatible with: Panasonic TC-L42U22 TC-P42U2 TC-L42D2 TC-L42U30 TC-L42E3 TC-L42U25 TC-P42C2 TC-P42X3 TC-P46X3 TC-P46G25 TC-P42G25 TC-P42S2 TC-P42ST30 TC-P42S30 TC-P55ST30 TC-P55GT30 TC-P46ST30 TC-P46S30 TC-P46C2 TC-P46S2 TC-P50S30 TC-P50X3 TC-P60S30 TC-P60ST30 TC-60PS34 TC-P60GT30 TC-P50GT30 TC-P65ST30 TC-P55VT30 TC-P50G25 TC-P50S2 TC-P50U2 TC-32LX24 TC-L32C22 TC-50PX34 TC-P50C2 TC-P50G10 TC-P50ST30 TC-L32DT30 TC-L32E3 TC-P65GT30 TC-P65VT30 TC-P54G25 TC-P54S2 TC-L37C22 TC-L37U22 TC-L32U22 TC-L32X2 TC-L32X30 TC-32LX34 TC-L37D2 TC-L37X2 TC-L32C3 TC-L32U3 TC-L37E3 TC-L37U3 TC-L24C3 TC-L22X2 TC-L42D30 TC-L42E30 TC-42PX34 TC-L37DT30, Toshiba 40E210U 40XV640U 40E200U 46SL417U 46SL412U 46UL605U 40UX600U 40XV648U 40XV645U 46WX800U 46SV670U 46G300U 46XV648U 46XV640U 46XV645U 55HT1U 55S41U 55SL417U 46UX600U 46RV525R 46G310U 55UX600U 55WX800U 55G310U 52XV645U 52XV648U 55SV670U 22SL400U 22C100U 22AV600U 55SL412U 55ZV650U 55G300U 19SL410U 19SLV411U 19SL400U 55TL515U 55VX700U 22CV100U 26SL400U 26AV502R 37E200U 19CV100U 19AV600U 19C100U 24SLV411U 42SL417U 42ZV650U 26CV100U 26C100U 26AV52R 32CV100U 32AV52R 32RV525R 37RV525R 24SL410U 24SL415U 32SL415U 32AV502R 32C110U 42TL515U 47ZV650U 47TL515U 32C100U 32DT1U 32SLV411U 32E200U 32FT2U 32TL515U 40RV525R 40RV52R 40FT1U 40G300U 40S51U 40SL412U, LG 42PT350 42LD450 42LD520 55LE5500 55LE7300 42PW350 42LK550 42LK450 42LV5400 42LV5500 42LW5300 42LV3500 42LD400 42LK520 42LE7300 42PJ350 42LV3700 60PV490 60PZ850 60LD550 42LE5400 42LD550 42LE5300 60PZ950 60PK540 60PK950 42LE5500 60PK250 60PV450 26LV2500 26LD350 46LD550 60PK750 60PX950 60PZ750 37LK450 37LD450 50PK250 50PT350 60PZ550 60PK550 50PZ750 65LW6500 50PV450 50PW350 50PK550 50PK750 32LE5300 32LD550 50PK540 50PK950 50PV490 50PZ950 52LD550 47LE5350 22LV2500 32LD450 32LD520 32LK450 47LW5600 47LE5500 32LD400 32LV2500 32LE5400 32LK330 47LE8500 47LV5400 47LK550 47LK520 47LX9500 47LW6500 47LD650 47LE5400 47LE7500 47LW5700 47LD450 47LE7300 55LV3700 55LW5300 47LW5300 47LV3700 47LD500 47LD520
  • Compatible with: Sharp LC-60LE831U LC-42D65U LC-42D69U LC-42SB45U LC-32SB27U LC-C3237U LC-32D59U LC-70LE732U LC-60E77UN LC-60LE835U LC-52D85U LC-C52700UN LC-52E77U LC-52SB57U LC-32D47U LC-32LE700U LC-22DV27UT LC-22SB27UT LC-47SB57UT LC-C46700UN LC-52LE835U LC-52LE830U LC-46LE830U LC-46LE700U LC-46SB57U LC-46BD80U LC-52LE700U LC-C5277U LC-C4677U LC-19DV27UT LC-19SB27UT LC-26SB28UT LC-46LE832U LC-46D85U LC-C4067U LC-40E67U LC-40E77U LC-40LE700U LC-46E77U LC-46LE835U LC-60LE832U LC-60LE830U LC-40LE830U LC-40LE835U LC-26DV28UT LC-26SH12U LC-60LE925UN LC-60LE632U LC-C6077UN LC-60E88UN, Sony KDL-60EX720 KDL-60NX720 KDL-40EX600 KDL-40S5100 KDL-55HX729 KDL-55EX500 KDL-55BX520 KDL-55EX720 KDL-40W5100 KDL-40XBR7 KDL-60EX500 KDL-60NX800 KDL-60EX700 NSX-24GT1 KDL-40EX700 KDL-40EX401 KDL-40V5100 KDL-40VE5 KDL-40W4100 KDL-40S504 KDL-40Z5100 KLV-40ZX1M KDL-40NX700 KDL-40EX720 KDL-40XBR6 KDL-40XBR9 KDL-46Z5100 KDL-46EX700 KDL-40EX523 NSX-40GT1 KDL-40BX420 KDL-40Z4100 KDL-46EX500 KDL-46EX523 KDL-40EX400 KDL-40EX500 KDL-46XBR9 KDL-46Z4100 KDL-46EX600 KDL-46W4100 KDL-46NX700 KDL-46NX800 KDL-46EX620 KDL-46NX720 KDL-46HX820 XBR-46HX929 KDL-46EX720 KDL-46HX729 KDL-46VE5 KDL-46W5100 KDL-22EX308 KDL-22BX320 KDL-46XBR8 KDL-46S504 KDL-46XBR10 KDL-46EX400 KDL-52S5100 KDL-52EX700 NSX-46GT1 KDL-46S5100 KDL-46V5100 KDL-46BX420 KDL-52W5100 KDL-52VE5 KDL-22BX300 KDL-65HX729 XBR-65HX929 KDL-37L5000 KDL-32EX308 KDL-32BX300 KDL-52NX800 KDL-52Z5100 KDL-52XBR10 KDL-52V5100 KDL-32EX400 KDL-32EX720 KDL-52XBR9 KDL-32EX600 KDL-32L504 KDL-32EX523 KDL-32BX420 KDL-32EX729 KDL-32EX500 KDL-32BX320 KDL-32EX700 NSX-32GT1
  • Compatible with: Sceptre X42BV-FullHD X240PC-FHD X240RV-FHD X240PV-FHD X240CC-FHD X240LV-FHD X46BV-1080p X32BV-Naga+ X320BV-ECO X32BV-FullHD X320PV-FHD X320EV-FullHD X460BV-F120 X420BV-F120 X420EV-F120 X420PV-F120 X400BV-FHD X46BV-FullHD X370BV-HD X46BE-1080P X460EV-F120 X460PV-F120 X46BM-1080P X460MV-F120 E195BV-HD X240BV-FHD X240BC-FHD X240RC-FHD X240LC-FHD X370BV-FHD, Insignia NS-L322Q-10A NS-LDVD32Q-10A NS-32L550A11 NS-32E570A11 NS-LBD32X-10A NS-32L450A11 NS-37L550A11 NS-46E560A11 NS-46E570A11 NS-46L550A11 NS-L55X-10A NS-P502Q-10A NS-PDP50HD-09 NS-P501Q-10A NS-50P650A11 NS-LCD52HD-09 NS-L32Q-10A NS-42L550A11 NS-42P650A11
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Brand New 30ft 30 Ft Gold Plated HDMI Cable for DVD LCD Plasma TV HDTV - Black

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