Brand new AVF Mounts Tilt Swivel and Extend Adjustable Multi-Position TV Wallmount for LCD LED Plasma TV HDTV (VESA up to 700×400, 40 – 65 inch Screen)

Samsung HT-Z520

The AVF Super Slim ZL8655-A is a multi-position TV wall mount for 40″ – 65″ flat panel HDTVs, including LCDs and LED TVs. Fingertip adjustment makes positioning simple with easy motion through the entire range of movement. An easy on-wall screen leveling system ensures you’ve placed your TV correctly. Five pivot points make the ZL8655-A perfect for corners and rooms that are normally difficult to find TV space for.


- Fits screen sizes 40″ to 65″ (102-165cm)
- Tilts, swivel, extends, and pans for optimal viewing angles
- Maximum TV weight 150lbs (68kg)
- VESA compatibility 75x75mm to 700x400mm
- Powder-coated steel for maximum durability and strength
- Low-profile design positions TV just 3″ from the wall when retracted, 23″ when extended
- Easy install and post-install leveling with 15-degree tilt
- Five pivot points, perfect for corners

Brand new AVF Mounts Tilt Swivel and Extend Adjustable Multi-Position TV Wallmount for LCD LED Plasma TV HDTV (VESA up to 700x400, 40 - 65 inch Screen)

Features Brand new AVF Mounts Tilt Swivel and Extend Adjustable Multi-Position TV Wallmount for LCD LED Plasma TV HDTV (VESA up to 700×400, 40 – 65 inch Screen)

  • Compatible with: Panasonic TC-P50G25 TC-P50S2 TC-P50U2 PT-50PD4-P PT-50PHD4-P TH-50PC77U TH-50PX6U TC-50PS14 TC-P50GT30 PT-50PD3-P TH-50PH9UK TC-P50C1 TH-50PHD6UY TH-50PX20U/P TH-50PX600U TH-50PHD5UY TH-50PHD6 TH-50PX700 TH-50PX75 TH-50PX77 TH-50PX75U TH-50PHD3U TH-50PHD5U TC-P50G10 TC-P50G15 TC-P50S1 TC-P50U1 TH-50PZ700U TH-50PH10UK TC-P50ST30 TH-50PX80U TH-50PZ80U TH-50PZ85U TC-50PX14 TC-P50V10 TH-50PHD7UY TH-50PM50U TH-50PWD8UK TH-50PX60U TH-50PX77U PT-50PD2-P TH-50PF9UK TH-50PH10UKA TH-50PE700U TC-P50X1 TH-50PZ77U TH-50XVS30 TH-50XVS30U/P TC-P50S30 TC-P50X3 TC-50PX34 TH-50PF10UK TC-P50C2 TH-50PHD8UK TC-P55VT30 TC-P46U1 TC-P46G25 TH-50PX25U/P TH-50PX50U/P TH-50PZ750U TC-P46G15 TC-P46G10 TC-P46S1 TC-P60GT30 TC-P55ST30 TC-P55GT30 TH-46PZ850U TH-46PZ85U TC-L37E3 TC-P46X3 TC-P46ST30 TH-46PZ80U TH-37PX50U TH-37PX600 TC-L37D2 TC-P46C2 TC-P46S2 TC-P46S30 TH-37PH9UK TH-37PWD5 TH-37PWD5UZ TC-L37U3 TH-37PD25U/P TH-37PW5 TH-37PWD6UY TC-L37X1 TC-L37DT30 TC-L37X2 TH-37PA30/PE30 TH-37PG9U PT-37PD4P TH-37PHD8UK TH-37PR10U TH-37PX25U/P TH-37PWD6U TH-37PWD6UX TH-37PWD5UY TH-37PWD6 TH-37PWD7UY TH-37PA20HD TC-L37U22 PT-37P1 TC-L37S1 TC-L37C22 TC-37PD1 TH-37PR9U TH-37PH10UK TH-37PWD4UZ TC-32LH1 TC-32LX700 TC-L32C3 TH-37PWD8UK TH-37PX60U TC-L37G1 TC-32LX50 TC-32LX60 TC-L32DT30 TH-37PA20U/P TC-L32C22 TC-L32U22 TC-32LX70 TC-L32X2 TC-32LX600 TC-L32U3 TC-L32C12 TC-32LE60 TH-42PZ80U TH-42PZ85U TC-L42D30 TC-L32E3 TC-L32X30 TC-32LX34 TH-42PX600U TH-42PX75 TH-42XVS30 TC-P65ST30 TC-P65GT30 TH-42PX80U TH-42PHD5UY TH-42PHD8UK TH-42PS9UK TC-L42E30 TH-42PA60 TH-42PH10UK TH-42PX75U TC-L42U30 TC-P42X3 TC-42PX14 TC-L42U22 TC-P42U2 TC-P42C2 TC-P42G25 TC-P42S2 TH-42PWD5UY TH-42PWD8UK TH-42PX500U TH-42PX25U/P TH-42PZ700U TC-P42C1 PT-42PHD4-P TH-42PA20U/P TH-42PD50U TH-42PWD3U TH-42PWD4UY TH-42PWD5 TC-42PX34 TC-L42E3 TH-42PC77U PT-42PHD4 TH-42PG9U TH-42PH10UKA TC-P42X1 TH-42PZ80Q TC-L42U25 TC-L42D2 TC-P42ST30 PT-42P1 TH-42PWD8UY TH-42PWP4UZ TH-42PX20U/P TH-42PWD6UY TH-42PX50U TH-42PX60U TH-42PM50U
  • Compatible with: LG 42LM6200 47LM6200 55LM6200 65LM6200 32LD450 32LD520 32LB4D 32LB9D 32LG40 32LG70 32LC4D 32LK450 32LD400 RU-32LZ30C L3200AK RU-32LZ50C 42LH90 42LD450 42LD520 42LD550 32LH1DC L3200A M4210N-B21 42PC3D 42PC5DC 42PM3MV 32LG60 32LH40 DU-42LZ30 42LK450 42LB1DR 42LB4D RU-42PX11 RU-42PZ61 42PC1DA 42LG50 42LG70 42SL80 42PX3DBV 42PX3DLV 42LK550 42LH30 42LH50 42LE5400 42LC7D 42LP1DC MU-42PZ90H 42PB4D 42PM4M DU-42PX12X 42LV3700 42PW350 DU-42PY10 42PQ30 MU-42PZ90V MU-42PZ90XC 42LE7300 MU-42PZ44V 42LE5300 42PX3DCV DU-42PZ60 M4210C-BA DU-42PX12XC DU-42PX12XD 42LH20 42LB1DRA 42LC5DC 42LP1D MU-42PZ94V 42SL90 42PM1M RU-42PZ90V 42LG30 42LG60 MU-42PZ41V 42LF11 42LK520 42LH40 42LH55 42LE5500 42PC3DC 42PC5D RU-42PX10C 42PC3DV 42PX4D 42PX5D 42LV3500 42LD400 MU-42PZ15B 42PT350 42LB5D 42LB9D 42PJ350 MU-42PZ90C 42LC4D RU-42PZ71 RU-42PZ90 42PB4DA MU-42PM11 MU-42PM12X 42LW5300 60PZ750 60PZ950 60PK250 42LBX – Opus 42LC2D 60PZ850 60PZ550 60PX950 46LD550 42LV5400 42LV5500 37LV3500 37LK450 37LB1DA 37LB4D 60PV450 60PV490 37LD450 37LC2D 37LC7D 37LH40 37LE5300 37LB5D M3700C-BA M3701C 37LG30 37LC5DC 37LG50 37LH20 37LH30 37LH55 37LG60 50PK550 L3700AK L3700TK 50PK540 50PK950 50PY3D 50PY2DR DU-37LZ30 M3701C-BH 50PZ550 50PC3D-H 50PV490 50PS60 50PK750 50PJ350 50PX4DR-H 50PM1M 50PX1D MU-50PZ41V MU-50PM10 MU-50PZ41 50PB4DA 50PX5D MU-50PZ41B 50PZ950 50PB4D 50PC1DRA 50PC5D 50PW350 50PQ30 50PS80 MU-50PZ90C MU-50PZ90V 50PX2DC DU-50PX10C DU-50PY10 DU-50PZ60 50PZ750 50PQ20 50PV450 65LW6500 52LD550 52LB5D 50PC1DR 50PC3D 47LH30 47LH40 47LX9500 47LB4DF 50PK250 50PT350 47LH90 47LE5500 47LE7500 47LBX 52LY3D 47LF11 47SL90 47LW6500 47LW5600 47LV3700 47LG50 47LW5300 47LV5500 47LW5700 47LD520 47LD650 47LY3D 47LV5400 47LH85 47LD450 47LE7300 47LE8500 47LD500 47LH55 47LG60 47LG70 47LE5350 47LK550 47LE5400 47SL80 55LHX 55LD650 55LV5500 55LX6500 47LB5D 47LG90 55LV5400 55LW5300 55LW5600 55LW5700 47LK520 47LH50 55LK520 55LE5500 55LE7300 55LE7500 55LH40 55LH90 32LD550 55LE8500 55LX9500 55LV3700 55LD520 55LE5400
  • Compatible with: Vizio M320NV VOJ320M M320VT E3D320VX E322MV VW32L VO370M XVT373SV E321MV E320VA M370VT VO37LF E370VT VA370M VA320E VX32L E371VL M370NV VL370M VW37L VU37L E371VA E370VL E370VP M420SR M3D421SR VOJ370F SV370XVT VP42 VU42LF E420VT E422VA VX37L E370VA E420VO SV421XVT VT420M SV420XVT E420VA P42HDe M421VT E421VO E422VL M420VT GV42LF P42ED SV420M P42HD E3D420VX E420VL VO42LF E421VA VL420M SV422XVT E421VL M421NV M420NV GV42L L42 VS42LF VX42L XVT3D424SV VP423 VW42LF VO420E M3D460SR GV46LF VW46LF M3D420SR M420SV VF552XVT VF550XVT VF551XVT M550NV XVT423SV VP422 M550SV XVT553SV E550VL E551VL GV46L P4 E552VL VP504FHDTV10A JV50P “Jive” P50HDTV E551VA XVT3D554SV VO400E M470SV SV472XVT SV471XVT E550VA M3D550SR M470NV XVT472SV E470VA XVT3D474SV P50HDM VP50 SV470M VL470M M470VT E3D470VX SV470XVT VT470M VO47LF VW47L VW47LF GV52LF XVT473SV E470VL E320VP E322VL E321ME XVT3D650SV E472VL GV47LF E321VA E321VL E320ME, Toshiba 55WX800U 55G310U 55TL515U 55VX700U 52LX177 52HL167 52XV648U 42HP82 42HP95 42LX177 42LX196 42SL417U 42HL196 PD42W1 42ZV650U 42HP84 42HPX84 42TL515U 42HL167 42HL67 P42LHA 42HP66 42LZ196 P42LSA 42HPX95 42DPC85 42HP83P P47LHA 47HL167 47LX196 47LZ196 47ZV650U 47TL515U P47LSA 32HL83P 32HL95 32HLC56 32HLV16 32CV100U 32C110U 32SLV411U 32HL67 32HLX84 32LV67 P32LSA 32HL86 32E200U 32FT2U 32TL515U 32SL415U 32C100U 32DT1U 32HL66 32HL67U 32HLV66 32HLX95 32LV67U 32HL84 40FT1U 40G300U 40S51U 40SL412U 40UX600U 40RV525R 40XV640U 40RV52R 40E210U 40XV648U 40XV645U 40RF350U 40E200U 46G310U 46WX800U 46LX177 46RV525R 46SL417U 46SL412U 46G300U 46SV670U 46UL605U 46UX600U 46RF350U 46XV648U 46XV640U 46XV645U 50HP16 50HP66 50HP95 50HPX95 50HP81 50HP82 37HL66 37HL67 37E200U 37HL86 37HLC56 37HLX95 37LX96 37HL17 37HL95 37HLV66 37RV525R 55HT1U 55S41U 55SL417U 55SL412U 55G300U 55UX600U, Sharp LC-37D90U LC-37HT3U LC-37HV4U LC-37RD2 LC-37SH12U LC-40C37U LC-37GD6U LC-37GP1U LC-37D42U LC-37D44U LC-37D64U LC-37D7U LC-42D65U LC-37GB5U LC-37HT4U LC-37HV6U LC-37SH20U LC-37DB5U LC-42D62U
  • Compatible with: Samsung UN40D5005 LN37B530 LN37A530 LN37B550 LN37A550 PS-37S4H LN-S4051D HP-P3761 LN-T375H LN37B650 LN37A330 LN37A450 UN40C6400 UN40D5500 UN40D5550 UN40D6000 LN-T4081 LN-T4081F UN40D6420 LN-T4042H LN-T4046F LN40B650 LN40A530 LN40A330 UN40B6000 UN40C7000 400P/N LN-R409D 400FPn-2 UN40D6300 LE40M87BD LN-T4066F LN-T4071 SyncMaster 400PXN LN-T4053HT UN40B7000 LN40C530 LN40B630 LN40B750 LN40C550 LN40B500 LA40R71B LN40B610 LE-40R51B LN-R408D LN-T4053HX LN-T405H LN-T4061F LN-T4053H LN40C650 LN40C630 LN40B530 LN40B540 LN40B550 LN32C550 UN40D6450 UN40D6500 LN-S4041D LN-S4051HD LN-T4042HX 320MXn-2 LN-T4071F LN32B530 LN32B540 LN32C450 LN32C530 UN32D4005 LN-T3232H LN32D550 LN32D430 LN-T325H LN32B640 UN32C6500 UN32D6000 UN32B6000 LN32B650 UN32D4000 UN32D4010 LN-T3242H UN32D4003 LN32A540 LN32A550 UN32C4000 UN32C5000 UN55D6900 LN32B550 320MP-2 LN32A450 LN32D450 LN32D403 UN55C7000 LN32D405 UN32D5500 LN-T3253H LN32B360 LN32B460 LN55C650 UN55D7000 UN55D7050 UN55D7900 UN55D6400 UN55D6450 UN55C6300 UN55C6400 UN55C6500 UN55D6420 UN55D6500 UN55D8000 LN52A750 LN55C630 UN55D6000 UN55D6050 UN55D6300 UN55C5000 LN-T5271F UN60D6000 UN60D6500 UN60D6400 UN60D7000 LN52A650 LN52B610 LN52A850 LN52A860 LN52B550 LN52A540 LN-T5265FX 400DXN LN52B630 LN52B750 LN-S5296D LN-T5265F PN58C550 UN40C5000 LN-T4065F LN-T4069F LN40A450 UN40C6300 UN40C6500 SyncMaster 400P LN40B640 400FP-2 UN40D5003 UN40D6050 UN40D6400 PPM42H3 LN-S4052D LN-S4092D LN-S4095D LN-S4096D LN-T4032H PN42B430 SyncMaster 400PX LN40A550 LN40A630 LN40A650 LN40A750 SP-R4212 PPM42M5H PPM42M5S PPM42M6H SP-R4232 SP-S4223 HP-S4273 HP-T4254 PPM42M7HB PPM42S3Q SPK-4215M SP-P4231 PS-42P3ST PS42S5S SPD-42P1SM PN42C430 P42HP HP-P4261 HP-R4252 HP-R4262 HP-R4272 HP-S4233 HP-S4253 PPM42S3X PPM42S3 SPN4235 SP-P4251 PN42C450 P42H PN42B450 460FPn-2 SP-S4243 HPN4239 HP-T4234 HP-T4264 PPM42M6SB LN46C550 LN46B540 LN46B550 LN46B610 LN46B630 460FP-2 460P/PN LN-T4669FX LN-T4665F LN-T4669F LN46A530 LN46A550 LN46B530 UN46C6300 LN46D550 UN46D6000
  • Compatible with: Sony KDL-52EX700 KDL-52NX800 KDL-52S5100 KDL-52VE5 KDL-52XBR9 KDL-52V5100 KDL-52W5100 KDL-52XBR10 KDL-52Z5100 KDL-52XBR2 KDL-52XBR5 KDL-32SL130 KDL-32XBR4 KDL-V32XBR1 KDL-32L504 KDL-32L5000 KDL-52W3000 KDL-32BX320 KDL-32S2000 KDL-32S2400 KLH-W32 KLV-32MRX1 KDL-32EX600 KLV-32U100M KLV-S32A10 KZ-32TS1U KDL-32EX523 KDL-32XBR6 KDL-32S5100 KDL-32EX700 NSX-32GT1 FWD-32LX1 FWD-32LX2F KDL-32M3000 PFM-32C1 KLV-32M1 KLV-32S200A LMD-322WS KDL-32EX308 KDL-32BX300 KDL-32EX729 KDL-32EX400 KDL-32EX720 KDL-32BX420 KDL-32S2010 KDL-32S3000 KLV-32U100 KDL-60EX720 KDL-60NX720 KDL-60EX500 KDL-60EX700 KDL-55EX620 KDL-32EX500 KDL-55HX820 XBR-55HX929 KDL-55NX720 KDL-55EX500 KDL-55BX520 KDL-V32XBR2 KDL-65HX729 XBR-65HX929 FWD-40LX1 FWD-40LX2F KDL-40D3000 KDL-55HX729 KDL-V40XBR1 KLV-40S200A KDL-40XBR7 KDL-40XBR2 KDL-40XBR4 KDL-55EX720 KDL-40NX700 KDL-40EX720 KDL-40W5100 KDL-40EX500 KDL-40Z4100 KDL-40XBR5 KLV-40ZX1M KDL-40S2010 KDL-40S2400 KDL-40S3000 KDL-40SL130 KLV-S40A10 KDL-40V3000 KDL-40VL130 KDL-40EX400 KDL-40EX401 KDL-40EX700 KDL-40Z5100 NSX-40GT1 KDL-40XBR6 KDL-40XBR9 KDL-40W4100 KDL-40S504 KDL-40V2500 KDL-40S20L1 KDL-40W3000 KDL-40XBR3 KLV-40U100M KDL-40EX600 KDL-40EX523 KDL-40S5100 KDL-40V5100 KDL-40VE5 KE-42XBR900 KE-42XS910 KDL-40S2000 KZ-42TS1J KZ-42TS1U FWD-42LX1 KE-42M1 KE-42TS2U KDL-40BX420 PFM-42B2H FWD-42PX2 KDE-42XBR950 KDE-42XS955 PFM-42V1 KZ-42TS1 FWD-42PV1 FWD-42PV1AS KDL-42XBR950 KE-42TS2 PFM-42B1 PFM-42B1U FWD-42PV1P/B KDL-46VL130 KDL-46W3000 KDL-46XBR2 KDL-46XBR3 PFM-42X1 KDL-46NX700 KDL-46VE5 KDL-46W5100 KDL-46V5100 KDL-46S3000 PFM-42B2 KDL-46XBR5 KDL-46EX620 KDL-46NX720 KDL-46XBR8 KDL-46S504 KDL-46EX700 KDL-46S2010 KDL-46BX420 KDL-46S5100 KDL-46EX400 KDL-46EX500 KDL-46V25L1 KDL-46EX720 KDL-46HX729 KDL-46W4100 KDL-46Z5100 KDL-46EX600 KDL-46S2000 KDL-46V3000 KDL-46XBR4 KDL-46XBR10 KDL-46NX800 KDL-46HX820 KDL-46EX523 NSX-46GT1 KDL-46XBR9 KDL-46Z4100 FWD-50PX1 FWD-50PX3/B KDL-46V2500 KDE-50XBR950 KDE-50XS955 KE-50XBR900 KE-50XS910 FWD-50PX2 XBR-46HX929
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Brand new AVF Mounts Tilt Swivel and Extend Adjustable Multi-Position TV Wallmount for LCD LED Plasma TV HDTV (VESA up to 700x400, 40 - 65 inch Screen)

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