Denon AVR-2807 A/V Surround Receiver Reviews

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Denon AVR-2807 7.1 Channel Home Theater A/V Receiver – An A/V receiver should be a part of any good home multimedia setup. It offers you one central location to connect all of your audio and video components, supporting advanced audio reproduction technologies for each of them. For example, with the Denon AVR-2807, you get support for 7-channel surround sound and 6 different surround sound technologies. This receiver also features XM Radio support. Just attach an optional “Connect and Play” antenna. Video Game Mode Wide Screen 7.1 Mode Mono Movie Surround Mode Rock Arena Surround Mode Jazz Club Surround Mode True 24-bit/96-kHz Digital Input Capability Front Panel A/V Inputs w/ Cover (Composite & S-Video) Inputs – 2 Coaxial, 5 Optical (including front), 11 Analog Audio, Phono, 2 HDMI, 7 Composite, 7 S-Video (including front), & 3 Component Outputs – 2 Optical, 3 Analog Audio, 1 HDMI, 2 Composite (plus monitor), 2 S-Video (plus monitor), & 2 Component RS-232 Port All Channels – 0.05 THD Detachable Power Cord Color – Black Unit Dimensions – 17.1 (w) x 6.7 (h) x 16.9 (d) Unit Weight – 29.75 lbs.

Denon AVR-2807 A/V Surround Receiver

Features Denon AVR-2807 A/V Surround Receiver

  • Incorporates all the current surround formats and enhanced installation flexibility
  • With great simplicity of setup and operation
  • Provides Auto Set-Up and Room EQ by Audyssey
  • Helps you achieve optimized system performance for your specific room
  • Powerful new 32 bit floating point DSP automatically and accurately analyzes, adjusts itself
Overall Rating: Rating=4.5
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Denon AVR-2807 A/V Surround Receiver

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  1. James M. Fitzwilliam "Pianist/Composer" says:
    77 of 77 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Superb Sound and Construction, Excellent Value, July 9, 2006
    James M. Fitzwilliam “Pianist/Composer” (Staatsburg, NY, USA) –

    This review is from: Denon AVR-2807 A/V Surround Receiver (Electronics)

    My old, stereo-only system consisted of several high-quality source components, separate tuner/preamp/amplifier, and a pair of very sweet (but rather low-efficiency) classic B&W speakers. When the preamp and amp both died after many years of service, I replaced them with the 2807, and added Polk center and surrounds for a 5.1 configuration. The 2807 makes my faithful B&W front speakers sing every bit as sweetly as my old audiophile separates did, with plenty of power to spare. Today my kids were watching Titanic with the master volume set just a wee bit high, and from two rooms away I thought the iceberg was colliding with the HOUSE. (The volume knob covers a rather impressive -80db to +18db range in 0.5dB increments). You even get TWO sets of amplified front speaker outputs, so you can bi-amp or bi-wire your main speakers if you want! And the 2807′s quality is not only in the amplifier stage, but also in the DACs. CDs played through a digital input and handled by the 2807′s processors are very smooth and detailed.

    (If I may insert one gripe re the amplifier: the speaker binding posts are not at ALL flexible. Using spade lugs or pin connectors is pretty much out of the question. Getting the posts to even cleanly accept heavy-gauge bare wire is difficult. Banana plugs work of course, but the posts aren’t spaced correctly for standard DUAL-banana plugs. Arrrgghh!)

    Surround decoding and ambience processing is also generally excellent. For instance, using Dolby Pro Logic II with a stereo source like a CD generates a pretty nicely stable center image and subtle, unobtrusive surround enhancement; only occasionally will you hear things “breathe” or wander awkwardly into and out of the surround channel. It makes nearly all of my music CDs, and many TV shows, more enjoyable without calling undue attention to itself. Switching to Pure Direct mode (which is actually wonderfully clean, and is for highest-quality stereo-only handling of analog and two-channel sources) almost always sounds flat and less satisfying by comparison. Seven-channel stereo mode is also good for TV shows and CDs, giving room-filling sound with the surrounds driven nearly equally with the fronts. (There are a number of other soundfields, like Stadium, but I found most of them too gimmicky or show-offy to actually use. Stadium, for example, nicely isolates the play-by-play announcer’s voice from a sportscast, and then gives it a HUGE echo that sounds like Lou Gehrig giving his farewell speech in Yankee Stadium. Just putting the announcer cleanly in the center speaker for the commentary, and boosting the ambience of the crowd in the surrounds to make you feel like you are at the game would have been a lot more usable and listenable.) DVDs I just play in straight Dolby Digital or DTS mode, both of which are handled superbly.

    In addition to great sound, the other major strength of the 2807 is: inputs, inputs, and more inputs. DVD *and* Videodisc. TV *and* Satellite. Two VCR (or DVR) A/V record loops. A front panel input for your camcorder or game. Plus the usual audio in/outs: Phono, CD, Tape (and of course the internal tuner). All video sources have S-video jacks. You also get up to three component video and two HDMI ins, with upconversion, and plenty of digital audio in/outs, ALL assignable as needed. Plus, any of the inputs can be renamed on the display if needed! Don’t have a laserdisc player? Use the “VDP” input for something else, and change its name accordingly. I connected my digital cable TV converter to the “DBS” input, and renamed the input “CABLE”. Very slick.

    The front panel of the 2807 is beautifully elegant and simple. Just power/standby, input select and volume knobs, and not much else, with all the other minutia tucked behind a (nice solid metal) flip-down panel. Sadly, the same can’t be said of the learning, multi-brand remote. Some things on the remote are nicely done; the little button that chooses which component it will control (and nicely lights up the selection so you can see it) is placed perfectly where your thumb will easily find it. Same for the master volume adjustment. Nice ergonomics there. Basic functions aren’t too hard to use, but the remote has enough buttons for an entire shirt factory, and after a few months, I am still trying to fathom the logic of why some things are grouped as they are, how to make it control my laserdisc player (which it theoretically should) etc. etc. And some things that SHOULD be on the remote, namely, dimming the front panel display, aren’t. Plus, it doesn’t have very good range. The remote that came with my cable box will easily work the 2807′s volume etc. from a seat catty-corner across the room; the 2807′s own remote needs to be closer and more on-angle. Most of the complaints you will hear in reviews about ease of use of the 2807 are really the fault of the remote. If after buying the 2807 you have…

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  2. EMan "Eric" says:
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    2.0 out of 5 stars
    Cross your fingers it doesn’t break, January 10, 2007
    EMan “Eric” (La Canada, CA) –

    This review is from: Denon AVR-2807 A/V Surround Receiver (Electronics)

    My AVR 2807 stopped working properly a few months after I bought it. The HDMI up conversion just stopped working. No big deal, I thought. It has been two months now and I’m still without my receiver.

    I took it to one of Denon’s “Super Service Centers.” It sat there for over a month. By that time I was finally able to convince a customer service rep at Denon to send me a replacement unit because they could not repair my original unit. Two weeks later, they are still giving me the run around. No one answers the phone or returns messages. Bottom line, if you need to buy a Denon get it from a place where you can return it if it breaks. Denon is useless. I’ve never had this much trouble getting something repaired by a manufacturer. I’m disappointed the AVR 2807 stopped working after 4 months and I’m very disappointed with how Denon conducts its warranty repairs.

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