Leviton 47690-8C 1×8 Passive TV/CATV Splitter Module with Bracket

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1X8 Passive Video Splitter, 1 GHz for LIN Integrated Network, Structured Media, Video Distribution, UPC: 07847704656In the world of HDTV and high-speed internet, maintaining signal clarity is more important than ever before. Leviton’s 1×8 passive CATV module is an ideal home networking solution, designed to direct incoming TV, Internet, and other signals to multiple locations throughout a home or small office with the highest fidelity.

At a Glance
Leviton 1×8 CATV Module
At A Glance:
  • Provides digital cable and internet to any room in the house

  • Bi-directional signal path supports cable modem communication
  • Digital CATV and HDTV compatible
  • Two-year limited warranty
  • Can be mounted either horizontally or vertically
At a Glance
Leviton Solar Solution
Leviton’s 1×8 CATV module can be installed vertically or horizontally to fit in tight spaces (click to enlarge).

A Clearer Signal for Better Performance
Leviton’s 1×8 passive CATV module routes incoming RF signals (cable TV, HDTV, antenna or other modulated sources) to up to eight locations anywhere in a home or office on coaxial cable. The module incorporates cutting-edge bi-directional circuitry to facilitate advanced interactive communications (for example, cable modems) as well as standard inputs (such as incoming CATV or antenna signals). The insert pin resists oxidation to maintain a distortion-free signal for digital data transmission. For further signal clarity, built-in capacitors on all ports block DC or low frequency AC interference and prevent the currents that cause hum modulation. This 1×8 passive CATV module is ready to handle the latest cable and data technology for HDTV, video streaming, gaming, and other high-demand applications.

Easy and Flexible Installation
The 1×8 passive CATV module can be installed in a number of configurations to fit the needs of each specific home. It can be mounted in a Leviton structured media center (which acts as a central hub for home networking) or to a beam or wall. The ability to install the unit either vertically or horizontally adds even more flexibility for tight installation spaces. Simply route coaxial cables as needed from the 1×8 passive CATV module to the required locations in the home or office, making sure to connectorize each coaxial cable with a male F-type connector. The input gets routed to the center connector of the splitter, and the output cables route the signal to the various rooms in the house.

What’s in the Box
One Leviton passive 1×8 CATV module, two mounting pins for installation in a structured media enclosure, and termination caps for unused ports.

Leviton Solar Leviton Solar
Leviton’s versatile 1×8 CATV module distributes RF signals to up to eight locations in a home or small business (click each to enlarge).

Leviton 47690-8C 1x8 Passive TV/CATV Splitter Module with Bracket

Features Leviton 47690-8C 1×8 Passive TV/CATV Splitter Module with Bracket

  • Split video signals with outputs for 4, 6 or 8 televisions depending on unit
  • Provide digital cable, cable TV and other video services via coaxial cable to any room in a house or office
  • Size: 1.40″(35.6mm)H x 6.58″ (167.1mm)W x 2.65″(76.2mm)D
  • Durable gold-plated 360 insert pin resists oxidation, maintaining distortion-free signal for digital data transmission
  • Weather sealed F-ports up to 30 P.S.I
Overall Rating: Rating=4.5
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List Price: $ 32.73
Sale Price: $ 25.77

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Leviton 47690-8C 1x8 Passive TV/CATV Splitter Module with Bracket

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