Mount World 1092-1 Tilt Swivel Wall Mount for 26″ to 46″ LCD and LED of Most Brand such as Dynex Insignia Sylvania Sanyo Magnavox Westinghouse Olevia SONY Sanyo Panasonic Samsung LG Sharp Vizio (Support mount pattern VESA 400×400, 400×300, 300×300, 400×200 and 200×200 up to 80lbs)

Insignia 570w

This is a larger and sturdier mount for LCDs ranging in size from 26″ to 46″ and weighing up to 80lbs. This mount fits the VESA 400×400, 400×300, 400×200, 300×300, 200×200 patterns. This arm collapses to less than 2.5″ from the wall yet extends to over 12″ allowing you to swivel a full 180 degrees and tilt 15 degree up and down. The wall plate has design for single stud installation. The Articulating LCD wall mount of one-link arm design provides easy one-touch tilt and up to 180 degrees of swivel for virtually limitless viewing

Mount World 1092-1 Tilt Swivel Wall Mount for 26

Features Mount World 1092-1 Tilt Swivel Wall Mount for 26″ to 46″ LCD and LED of Most Brand such as Dynex Insignia Sylvania Sanyo Magnavox Westinghouse Olevia SONY Sanyo Panasonic Samsung LG Sharp Vizio (Support mount pattern VESA 400×400, 400×300, 300×300, 400×200 and 200×200 up to 80lbs)

  • VESA 400×400, 400×300, 300×300, 400×200 and 200×200 compliant and up to 80 lbs weight capacity Swivels 90 left to 90 degree right. Tilts at -15/+15degreen swivels. Support 26″ to 46″ LCD LED TV
  • Compatible with: LG 23LS7D 26LC7D 26LD350 26LF10 26LH20 26LU55 26LV2500 32LB4D 32LB9D 32LC4D 32LC7D 32LD400 32LD450 32LD520 32LE5300 32LE5400 32LF11 32LG30 32LG40 32LG60 32LG70 32LH1DC 32LH20 32LH30 32LH40 32LK330 32LK450 32LV2500 L3200A L3200AK RU-32LZ30C RU-32LZ50C 37LB1DA 37LB4D 37LB5D 37LC2D 37LC5DC 37LC7D 37LD450 37LE5300 37LG30 37LG50 37LG60 37LH20 37LH30 37LH40 37LK450 37LV3500 DU-37LZ30 L3700AK L3700TK M3700C-BA M3701C M3701C-BH 42LD400 42LD450 42LD520 42LE5300 42LE5400 42LE5500 42LE7300 42LK450 42LK520 42LK550 47LD450 47LD500 47LD520 47LD650 47LE5350 47LE5400 47LE5500 47LE7300 47LE7500 47LE8500 47LK520 47LK550, Panasonic TC-23LX60 TC-26LE60 TC-26LX14 TC-26LX50 TC-26LX60 TC-26LX600 TC-26LX70 TC-L26X1 TC-32LH1 TC-32LE60 TC-32LX14 TC-32LX24 TC-32LX34 TC-32LX50 TC-32LX60 TC-32LX70 TC-32LX600 TC-32LX700 TC-L32C3 TC-L32C12 TC-L32C22 TC-L32DT30 TC-L32E3 TC-L32G1 TC-L32S1 TC-L32U3 TC-L32U22 TC-L32X1 TC-L32X2 TC-L32X30 TX-32LX60 PT-37P1 PT-37PD4P TC-37PD1 TC-L37C22 TC-L37D2 TC-L37DT30 TC-L37G1 TC-L37E3 TC-L37S1 TC-L37U3 TC-L37U22 TC-L37X1 TC-L37X2 TH-37PA20HD TH-37PA20U/P TH-37PA30/PE30 TH-37PD25U/P TH-37PG9U TH-37PH10UK TH-37PH9UK TH-37PHD8UK TH-37PR10U TH-37PR9U TH-37PW5 TH-37PWD4UZ TH-37PWD5 TH-37PWD5UY TH-37PWD5UZ TH-37PWD6 TH-37PWD6U TH-37PWD6UX TH-37PWD6UY TH-37PWD7UY TH-37PWD8UK TH-37PX25U/P TC-L42D30 TC-L42E30 TC-L42U30, Philips 32FD9954 32FW997 32HF5545D/27 32HF7543 32HF7544d/27 32HF7945D/27 32HF7955H/27 32PF5320 32PF5320/28 32PF7320A 32PF7320A/37 32PF7321D/37 32PF9630A 32PF9630A/37 32PF9996 32PFL3403D 32PFL3504D 32PFL3514D 32PFL5322D/37 32PFL5332D 32PFL6704D 32PFL7332D BDL3231C 37HF7543 37HF7544D/27 37PF7320A 37PF7321D/37 37PF9431D 37PF9630A 37PF9631D 37PFL5322D 37PFL5332D
  • Compatible with: Samsung LN22B360 LN-R237W LN-R238W LN-T2342H LN-T2353H LN-T2354H LN26A330 LN26A450 LN26B360 LN26B460 LN26C450 LN-T2632H LN-T2642H LN-T2653H UN26C4000 UN27D5000NF 320MP-2 320MXn-2 320P 320PX LN32A300 LN32A330 LN32A450 LN32A540 LN32A550 LN32A650 LN32B360 LN32B460 LN32B530 LN32B540 LN32B550 LN32B640 LN32B650 LN32C450 LN32C530 LN32C550 LN32D403 LN32D405 LN32D430 LN32D450 LN32D550 LN-R3228W LN-R327W LN-R328W LN-R329D LN-S3238D LN-S3241D LN-S3251D LN-S3252D LN-S3292D LN-S3296D LN-T3232H LN-T3242H LN-T3242HX LN-T3253H LN-T3253HT LN-T3253HX LN-T325H UN32B6000 UN32C4000 UN32C5000 UN32C6500 UN32D4000 UN32D4003 UN32D4005 UN32D4010 UN32D5500 UN32D6000 HP-P3761 LN37A330 LN37A450 LN37A530 LN37A550 LN37B530 LN37B550 LN37B650 LN37C530 LN37C550 LN-S3738D LN-T3732H LN-T3753H LN-T375H PS-37S4H LN40A330 LN40B500 LN40C530 LN40C550 LN40C630 LN40C650 UN40D5003 UN40D5005 UN40D5500 UN40D5550 UN40D6000 UN40D6050 UN40D6300 UN40D6400 UN40D6420 UN40D6450 UN40D6500, Sharp LC-26DV27UT LC-26DV28UT LC-26SB27UT LC-26SB28UT LC-26SH12U LC-32D47U LC-32D59U LC-32LE700U LC-32SB27U LC-C3237U LC-37D40U LC-37D42U LC-37D43U LC-37D44U LC-37D4U LC-37D4UJ LC-37D5U LC-37D62U LC-37D64U LC-37D6U LC-37D7U LC-37D90U LC-37DB5U LC-37G4U LC-37GB5U LC-37GD4U LC-37GD5U LC-37GD6U LC-37GP1U LC-37HT3U LC-37HT4U LC-37HV4U LC-37HV6U LC-37RD2 LC-37SH12U LC-37SH20U LC-40C37U LC-C3742U LC-M3700 LC-42D69U, Westinghouse LTV-32w1 LTV-32w3 HD LTV-32w4 HDC LTV-32w6 HD SK-32H240S SK-32H510S SK-32H520S SK-32H540S SK-32H640G SK-32H570D SK-32H590D W3213 HD W3223 LTV-37w2 HD LVM-37w1 LVM-37w3 LVM-37w3se VK-40F580D VK-42F240S TX-52F480S
  • Compatible with: Haier HL26B HL26BG HL26K1 HL26R HL26R1 HL26S HLC26 HL32B HL32D1 HL32BG HL32P1 HL32S HLC32R1 HLH326BB HL37B HL37BG HL37E HL37S HL42XD1 HL42XK1, HannsG HH-231HPB HH-241HPB HH-251HPB HG-281DJB HG-281DPB HH-281HPB, HANNspree HF237HPB HF257HPB HF259HPB ST251MKB HF289HJB HT09 ST321MKB ST42DMSB, Hitachi 32HDT20 32HDT50 32HDT55 32HDT60 37HDL52 37HLX99 CMP307XU, Insignia NS-L26Q-10A NS-LDVD26Q-10A NS-32E570A11 NS-32L450A11 NS-32L550A11 NS-L322Q-10A NS-L32Q-10A NS-LBD32X-10A NS-LDVD32Q-10A NS-37L550A11 NS-L37Q-10A NS-42L550A11 NS-L42Q-10A NS-L42X-10A NS-46L550A11 NS-L46X-10A, JVC LT-32A200 LT-32D200 LT-32E478 LT-32E488 LT-32J300 LT-32P300 LT-32WX84 LT-32X575 LT-32X576 LT-32X667 LT-32X787 LT-32X887 LT-32X987 LT-37E478 LT-37E488 LT-37R70 LT-37X688 LT-37X776 LT-37X787 LT-37X887 LT-37X898 LT-37X987, Magnavox 32MD357B 32MD359B 32MF338B 32MF339B 37MD359B, Maxent 30XP10 ML-3251HLT ML-32HLT21 MX-32X3 ML-3731HLT MX-37X3, Olevia LT30HVS 232T 232V 332H 432V 532H DLT-3212 DLT-3212M LT32HV LT32HVE LT32HVM LT32HVM/N 237T 237V 337H 437V 537H DLT-3712 LT37HV (S) LT37HVE LT37HVi LT37HVS, Polaroid 3211-TLXB 3226-TLMB FLM-3201 FLM-3232 FLM-3234B FLM-3237 FLM-323B FXM-3211C FXX-321C LWT-32000 LWT-32000C LWT-32000S TDA-03211C TLX-03210B FLM-3725 FLM-3732 FLM-3734B FLM-373B FLX-374 FXM-3711 FXM-3711C LWT-37000 LWT-37000C LWT-37000S, RCA L26HD31 L26HD32D L26HD35D L26HD41 J32L637 L32HD31R L32HD32D L32HD35D L32W11 L32WD12 L32WD14 L32WD23 L32WD250 L32WD26D L37WD12 L37WD14 L37WD22 L37WD23 L37WD250 42PA30RQ
  • Compatible with: Sony KDL-26L5000 KDL-26M3000 KDL-26M4000 KDL-26S3000 KDL-26S3000LI FWD-32LX1 FWD-32LX2F KDL-32BX300 KDL-32BX320 KDL-32BX420 KDL-32EX308 KDL-32EX400 KDL-32EX500 KDL-32EX523 KDL-32EX600 KDL-32EX700 KDL-32EX720 KDL-32EX729 KDL-32L504 KDL-32L5000 KDL-32M3000 KDL-32S2000 KDL-32S2010 KDL-32S2400 KDL-32S3000 KDL-32S5100 KDL-32SL130 KDL-32XBR4 KDL-32XBR6 KDL-V32XBR1 KDL-V32XBR2 KLH-W32 KLV-32M1 KLV-32MRX1 KLV-32S200A KLV-32U100 KLV-32U100M KLV-S32A10 KZ-32TS1U LMD-322WS NSX-32GT1 PFM-32C1 KDE-37XS955 KDL-37M3000 KE-37XS910 Emerson BLC320EM9 CLC320EM9 CLC321EM9 ELC320EM9 LC320EM9 LC320EMX LC321EM9 Sanyo DP26648 DP26649 DP32648 DP32649 DP37649, Sceptre X32BV-FullHD X32BV-Naga+ X320BV-ECO X320EV-FullHD X320PV-FHD X370BV-FHD X370BV-HD X400BV-FHD, Soyo SYTPT2627AB DYLT032A DYLT032B DYLT032C DYLT032D DYLT3212 DYLT3218 DYLT3268 DYLT3280 DYLT3288 GVKL3278AB GVNL3268AB SYKAT3278AB SYKXT3248AB SYNOT3268AB SYTPT3218AB SYTPT3227AB DYLT037A GVKL3768AB SYNOT3768AB SYTPT3718AB SYTPT3727AB, Toshiba 23HL84 23HL85 26AV502R 26AV52R 26C100U 26HL47 26HL66 26HL67 26HLC56 26LV47 26LV67 26SL400U 27HL85 27HL95 32AV502R 32AV52R 32C100U 32C110U 32CV100U 32DT1U 32E200U 32FT2U 32HL66 32HL67 32HL67U 32HL83P 32HL84 32HL86 32HL95 32HLC56 32HLV16 32HLV66 32HLX84 32HLX95 32LV67 32LV67U 32RV525R 32SL415U 32SLV411U 32TL515U P32LSA 37E200U 37HL17 37HL66 37HL67 37HL86 37HL95 37HLC56 37HLV66 37HLX95 37LX96 37RV525R 40E200U 40E210U 40FT1U 40G300U 40S51U 40SL412U 40UX600U 46G300U 46UX600U
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Mount World 1092-1 Tilt Swivel Wall Mount for 26

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  1. Sharon says:
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    Fantastic Deal, November 14, 2011

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    This review is from: Mount World 1092-1 Tilt Swivel Wall Mount for 26″ to 46″ LCD and LED of Most Brand such as Dynex Insignia Sylvania Sanyo Magnavox Westinghouse Olevia SONY Sanyo Panasonic Samsung LG Sharp Vizio (Support mount pattern VESA 400×400, 400×300, 300×300, 400×200 and 200×200 up to 80lbs) (Electronics)

    A great price for the item or should I say a great item for the price. It was just as it was advertised. I didn’t meet up with any surprises. It met all my specifications/requirements to install my daughter’s flat screen t.v. on her bedroom wall. She loves the fact that it has a swivel arm. It was fairly easy to install – my brother installed it for us! Thank you.

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