Technical Pro IA640 Integrated Amplifier with Multicolor LED display Reviews

Technical Pro RXB113 Receiver

The IAB640 is a very affordable integrated amplifier that gives you complete control for playing sources such as dual mics, iPod/MP3 players, and up to three more RCA audio sources, including a 5.1 surround sound input connection. This unit was made for anyone looking for high quality crisp and clear audio translation. Pushing out a peak power of 2000 watts it will provide the professional power you need for your studio, club venue, mobile DJ rig or home set-up. The dual karaoke/DJ microphone inputs with separate volume knobs gives you complete control over your sound with built-in knobs for adjusting bass, treble, echo and delay. A guaranteed must have! The back panel hosts standard RCA inputs for connecting up to three separate audio sources and a 5.1 RCA input for a surround sound set up. Also located on the back panel are banana binding post outputs for connecting four speakers and a RCA record line out. You would think that’s enough! The designers at Technical Pro took this a step further and provided front panel jacks for connecting and iPod or an MP3 player. The graphic fluorescent display meter also located on the front panel gives provides precise level readings. Totaled with a remote control and removable rack mount brackets you will have easy access to all of the functions of the IAB640 including source selection, eq controls, volume and mute. From the ease of use to the raw power to the innovative design, Technical Pro once again provides the industry standard for an integrated amplifier! If you’ve spent any time at all in professional audio, you know the name Technical Pro and what it stands for-incredible performance & sound, and the ultimate in reliability under harsh conditions. And now, Technical Pro offers the same technology in a series of integrated amps and receivers bringing more of what sets Technical Pro apart from all others

Technical Pro IA640 Integrated Amplifier with Multicolor LED display

Features Technical Pro IA640 Integrated Amplifier with Multicolor LED display

  • 2000 watts peak power Inputs: RCA (3 audio sources, 5.1CH) iPod/MP3 input with cable Outputs: Banana binding post (to 4 speakers
  • Balance, Bass and Treble controls 5 pre-set equalization modes Fluorescent graphic display Bright LED bar indicator
  • Color: Black
  • Cooling speed fan Removable rack-mount brackets Wireless remote included
Overall Rating: Rating=4.5
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List Price: $ 249.00
Sale Price: $ 149.99

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Technical Pro IA640 Integrated Amplifier with Multicolor LED display

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