Wireless 5000 Watt 5.1 Home Theater System, remote-by Frisby

Wireless 5000 Watt 5.1 Home Theater System, remote-by Frisby

Frisby FS-6200
Wireless 5000 Watt 5.1 Home Theater System, remote

With Frisby FS-6200 2.4 Ghz RF Wireless 5.1 Channel Home Theater System, your home music options have never been better. The Frisby FS-6200 optimizes wireless high frequency RF technology to achieve the best quality in-home audio experience possible. The system includes a center channel and 4 tower satellite speakers and produces rich bass, powerful midrange and crystal clear highs. The system is Dolby Digital DTS AC-3 5.1 ready with HQ BASS technology for intense low frequency response. Powerful 5000 Watt PMPO amplified subwoofer with ported wood enclosure consists of high gloss front panel piano finish and full magnetic shielding. Frisby FS-6200 is a very high end surround sound system and worth every penny and has convenience to delivery to your home, you won’t be disappointed
Professional sound performance and powerful sound quality powered with 5000 Watt PMPO subwoofer and 5 channel amplified satellite speakers
With 4 AUX LINE-IN, you can directly connect this surround sound system to your TV, MP3 Players, Game Consoles, CD, DVD player or any COMPUTER or a LAPTOP without any additional equipment.
Both speakers and the subwoofer are magnetically shielded, no need to worry about the screen nearby
Infrared remote control and front panel control keys. The remote control has Power, Mute, DVD 5.1, Stereo, Aux 1, Aux 2, 5.1 Channel, 2.1 Channel, Tach Switch, Reset, and Volume, Treble, Bass controls.

Safety protection by adding power fuse to the woofer. Extra fuse is also included with the system.

HQ BASS technology. Sensational audio effect.

High Gloss Piano Finish Front Panels on both woofer and speakers and Wooden case for whole set

Dolby Digital, Dolby DTS, AC-3 5.1 Ready

The system is complete, comes with power cord and all audio cables

Dimensions (Tower Base) Length: 10 ”
Width: 8″
Cable Lengths RR,RL = 26 ft FR,FL=13″ ft CEN=10 ft

Frisby Tower Wireless Surround

Overall Rating: Rating=4.5
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List Price: $ 349.99
Sale Price: $ 349.99

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  • 2.4 Ghz, Wireless, Professional
  • High Gloss Front Panels Piano Finish
  • 5.1 Dolby Digital, DTS True Tower Digital Surround Sound
  • Home Theater System in Original Retail Box
  • Ships fast, with tracking

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