Yamaha RX-N600 Digital Network-Ready Home Theater Receiver

Yamaha RX-V373

The RX-N600 is the first Yamaha receiver to offer network receiver functions. Using network connection and Windows Media Connect ver.2 technology, it lets you play MP3, WMA and WAV music from a remote PC. You can also listen to any of the thousands of stations available on Internet radio.

Yamaha RX-N600 Digital Network-Ready Home Theater Receiver

Features Yamaha RX-N600 Digital Network-Ready Home Theater Receiver

  • Playback MP3/WMA/WAV music from a PC
  • Compatible with iPod via optional Yamaha YDS-10
  • USB flash drive/music player compatibility
  • Internet radio playback compatibility
  • XM Ready with XM HD Surround powered by Neural Surround
Overall Rating: Rating=4.5
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List Price: $ 649.99
Sale Price: $ 649.99

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Yamaha RX-N600 Digital Network-Ready Home Theater Receiver

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  1. S. Bell "Gadget Guy" says:
    44 of 45 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great AV Receiver and a Lot More!, January 22, 2007

    This review is from: Yamaha RX-N600 Digital Network-Ready Home Theater Receiver (Electronics)

    As the proud owner of a new Yamaha RX-N600 I wanted to comment on some of the issues I have heard of with this product. Most of the issues are really not issues at all, they just need to properly set up the RX-N600 and the products they use with it.

    I have heard people say that the RX-N600 can’t handle iPod video. It does, but to make it work you need to turn ON the video output of your iPod and it works great. Both videos and photos are displayed on your TV and the iPod is controllable with the RX-N600 remote control.

    I’ve also heard people say that the Net/USB doesn’t work with an MP3 player. Here again, I found that all I needed to do was set my MP3 player (or for that matter my Cellphone MP3 player) to be a mass storage device and the Net/USB works perfectly!

    The last, and to me most important problem I have heard about is that people say the Network music won’t work with Microsoft Media Player 11. At first I found the same problem, but when I called Yamaha Tech Support, they were very helpful. They e-mailed me an RX-N600 software update file, which I installed through the RX-N600 USB port. It worked perfectly the first time I tried it. I now have no trouble streaming music from my PC to the RX-N600.

    All of the above, plus I love having access to internet radio through my RX-N600. If you don’t know about this, it’s like a TV-Guide for internet radio stations all over the world – 2,000 of them! With the on-screen menu, you just point and click to pick a country, a genre, etc. It’s really amazing and very enjoyable. I don’t think anyone else is manufacturing a product that gives you all of this, plus a really good A/V home theater receiver anywhere near this price. Keep up the good work Yamaha!

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  2. William A. Henning says:
    61 of 68 people found the following review helpful
    3.0 out of 5 stars
    Pretty good but not without issues, September 27, 2006
    William A. Henning (Highlands Ranch, Colorado) –

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
    This review is from: Yamaha RX-N600 Digital Network-Ready Home Theater Receiver (Electronics)

    I have had this unit for about 2 weeks now. Sound is as good as anything in this price range. I was coming from a Sony 900 series receiver which was failing. This is my first Yamaha. No other manufacturers had networking capability that didn’t cost 3 times as much. Plan on spending most of a day setting this up unless you do that kind of thing often.

    Most of my comments center around the networking and USB functions because that’s why I bought it, to perhaps eliminate my PC as a music source and go direct from this receiver. We’ll, it kinda works… The remote is a bit of a sore spot too as with just a bit more functionality it could have been really good, I could have gotten down to one remote but unfortunately it does not control my cable set top box.

    * Works great with my Sony VCR, remote controls everything nicely.
    * Ipod dock (an extra item purchased separately) seems to work very well. Does not play Ipod video though. Remote controls this too
    * Nice remote, after you figure it out it is pretty logical. Controls 3 of my 4 components nicely.
    * Internet radio is a real winner, seems to have jillions of stations arranged fairly logically by locale. It would be very difficult to duplicate this on your PC unless you enrolled in a pay service. Its like having a short wave radio.

    Near misses
    * Remote works great with my Sony DVD player, but make sure you have the side switch on “source” to control play, fast forward, etc. Otherwise you won’t be able to move the cursor through DVD menus that appear in the movie menu and make choices on how the movie plays.
    * If the Remote could just have a little learning it would be great. You won’t know if it will control your unit until you try it out. The list of remote codes that Yamaha supplies is vague, does not list models just a bunch of codes for each manufacturer. You just have to try each one for your manufacturer and see if any work. Hit or miss.
    * Net/USB did not work with my Creative Zen Nomad jukebox MP3 player, but did work with a Corsair Memory 2gb flash voyager stick. Go figure. I did notice recently that I can set my Zen to act as a mass storgae unit, and to be fair I have not tried that yet.

    * Network music does not work with Microsoft Media Player 11, only 10. I called Yamaha and they said Media Player 11 was not supported. The N600 does not connect reliably to the media library store, sometimes it works fine, sometimes it errors out or just shows an empty list. Very finicky. Media player 11 is in beta so beware, it will become mainsteam shortly and is not supported. I’m not sure if/how Yamaha will remedy this for me.
    * Plays wave, WMA and MP3 but not Itunes
    * Crude character interface display for the Net/USB functions, like looking at a pong game on an old IBM CGA PC. About as much functionality as a typical MP3 player, you have to scroll through a page at a time in everything. A pain in the neck if you have a large music collection
    * Will not control my Motorola DCT700 Comcast cable box, I tried all the Motorola codes and Yamaha says that’s all there is, if they don’t work you are outta luck. I am.
    * Remote has no learning capability.
    * Limited inputs for other components, but enough for what I need
    * Documentation is OK but the manual is all there is. There is no FAQ or deeper level of detail on their website or anywhere else that I could find. You have to call Yamaha and you will get a live person, but from what I found from 2 calls is they didn’t know any more than the manual.

    Conclusion: Would I buy this again? Probably not because the networking is so limited, and that was the main reason I selected this model. If you buy a good receiver and go with an attached high quality PC/soundcard you’d be better off. The Yamaha interface does not come anywhere close to the ease of use and nice presentation you get on any PC media player program. That’s like comparing a typewriter to using a PC with Word. The USB feature is nice but could be a lot better if it supported more devices.

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